We would like to thank the High Museum of Art, in Atlanta, GA, for their valuable support. Their annual "Vive le Polo" benefit not only utilizes Team Memphis Photographers whose photo profits go to our foundation, but they also share Memphis' story in their promotional material.
Excerpt from their event program
Team Memphis Photographers:
Nina Shields
Josh Johnson
KK Parker
Ellen McRaney
Linda Lester
Lee Goss
Shaun Krisher
Robin Snyder
6-9-10 CBS Atlanta 46 see video on news site
5-27-10 CBS Atlanta 46 see video on news site
5-30-09 CBS Atlanta 46 see video
5-25-09 CBS Atlanta 46 see video
5-09 CBS Atlanta 46 see video on news site
5-09 CBS Atlanta 46 see video on news site
4-2-09 CBS Atlanta 46 see video
4-08 Mugs in the Morning see video on news site
4-08 Ted Hall Reports see video
3-08 Wes SideStory See video
11-07 Wes SideStory see video on news site
9-07 Wes SideStory PART 1 video PART 2 video
9-07 Justin Gray Reports see video on news site
upcoming event

WEA Benefit Golf Tournament - Sept 22, 2011

The 5th annual Tack ’n Togs/WEA Benefit Golf Tournament will take place on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at Hamilton Mill Golf Club in Dacula, GA. WEA raised $2000 for the Memphis Lafferty fund last year!

For more information on the tournament:and registration form:
or email: Mike Clifford at Mike@tullymarkets.com

All proceeds from the tournament will be donated to the Memphis Lafferty fund.

CBS Atlanta 46 (2010)

Special thanks to CBS Atlanta, for caring enough to make a difference in the world!  Jennifer Mayerle's great talent has been incredibly valuable in the consistent reporting of Memphis' story, providing updates and drawing attention to his great need.  Cameraman Dimitri Lotovski has done an amazing job of capturing Memphis' progress in such a way that we all feel more a part of it.  Thank you Jennifer and Dimitri for helping to make Memphis' life better!

CBS Atlanta 46 (2009)

Thank you to Jennifer Mayerle and Ray Merriman of CBS Atlanta 46, for their outstanding TV report on Memphis. Memphis' future is dependent on the sharing of his story so we deeply appreciate your commitment to do so. Caring hearts, working together, will provide Memphis with a much brighter future!

Thank You, Wes Sarginson (2007-08)

Wes Sarginson has been such a blessing to "Team Memphis" and our efforts to make Memphis' future brighter. His outstanding reporting has enabled us to share Memphis' story in a very touching manner. Wes, we thank you for your generosity, your heart, and your commitment to Memphis and his family. We also thank Richard, your cameraman, for his great talent and patience in capturing such outstanding footage. You are two of "Team Memphis" greatest assets and we're honored to have you on our team!
Nina Shields, Director "Team Memphis"


Front page of
The Atlanta Journal Constitution
June 9, 2007

Wednesday 6-20-07

Randy & Spiff on 640 WGST in Atlanta, interviewed Nina Shields, on their Morning Show.
Hear the interview with Nina here: 


3rd Annual Team Memphis Poker Run
May 30, 2009

Jay Ballard continues his outstanding work with the annual motorcycle benefit which has become very meaningful for Memphis. Jay's leadership and knowledge of the motorcycle industry provides a fun experience, all for a great cause! A special note of appreciation to Earl Small's Harley Davidson for the use of their location and overall support of this awesome event.

The motorcycle world has become one of Memphis' greatest assets and we're truly grateful for their encouragement and willingness to make a difference.


Family Fun and Concert
May 3, 2008

Meet Krista Mitchell. This 18-year old from Woodstock, Georgia, is organizing a benefit concert for Memphis as part of her High School Senior Project. Senior projects are year-long undertakings that count for 20 percent of a student's grade in the class. Students begin by selecting a hobby or career that they have an interest in. They spend the first semester writing a research paper. The second semester students select a project facilitator to act as their guide, then working with their facilitator they are required to assemble a portfolio and a presentation.

Krista chose Jay Ballard as her facilitator. She met Jay at last year's Annual “Team Memphis” Ride and that is when Memphis and his plight found a spot in her heart. She became very passionate about helping Memphis and out of this grew her idea for the benefit concert. Krista hopes to raise $10,000 to help with the Lafferty’s medical expenses. Krista’s parents, James and Dana Mitchell are very proud of their daughter’s hard work and commitment to what began as merely a school project, but has become an incredible moving force in her life as well as that of Memphis.

April 19, 2008

The second annual "Team Memphis" ride was once again a huge success. Jay Ballard did an incredible job of leading this effort. Both riders and spectators had a great time, topped off with a fun lunch and great entertainment at "Tony's Bar and Grill" on Holcomb Bridge Road.

Memphis and his family are thankful for the support of the wonderful friends who participated in this event.

Ride leader Jay Ballard and Memphis

Ride leader Paul Hinckley

Nina and loyal team Memphis supporters

September 16, 2007

Many spectators, as well as numerous TV stations and newspapers, came to experience a great day of Polo benefiting Memphis' Trust fund. Bill Houck, Manager of Brookfield Country Club was one of the key sponsors who made this event possible. Jack Cashin, owner of Chukkar Polo farm, generously donated the use of his gorgeous facility. Many volunteers from "Team Memphis" worked diligently to make this not only a very successful day but an extremely fun day! Kyle Maynard, a great inspiration and hero to all who know him, spoke and provided true hope for Memphis' future, as he has overcome incredible personal challenges and is an amazing success story.


Jack Cashin with Memphis
and his Dad, Chris

The crowd enjoyed all the action
of the sport of kings

Memphis' fans enjoy the traditional
stomping of the divots

Memphis's new hero, Kyle Maynard and Team Memphis

Justin Gray of Channel 5 News

Art Rogers of WSB TV news

August 4, 2007

On August 4th, 2007 the first "Team Memphis Ride" was held. Under the outstanding leadership of Jay Ballard and Paul Hinckley a fun filled motorcycle ride was held benefiting Memphis' Trust fund. This great day wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of "Tony's Bar and Grill" on Holcomb Bridge Road. Due to popular demand this will be an annual event so watch the web site for announcements regarding the next ride. A special "thank you" to the Fulton County Sheriff's Department and the Roswell Police for being such wonderful escorts and keeping everybody safe!

Jay Ballard and Nina Shields,
Director of "Team Memphis"

Memphis and his Dad, Chris
along with Paul Hinckley

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