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Memphis Starts School


April, 2010

Memphis continues to be healthy and extremely active!  The big milestone of the year is the fact that Memphis is now in school; what a huge accomplishment this is as he continues to work hard to master the use of his prosthetic legs. His teachers and therapists have made school a fantastic experience for him.  Memphis is very popular,  winning over his peers with his outgoing and adventure loving spirit. He continues to amaze all who are blessed to know him!  Please consider a donation to his Trust Fund so that Memphis can consistently experience more and more milestones.  He is totally dependent on the caring hearts of others.

May, 2010

Little River School has been a huge blessing in Memphis' life.  He has made incredible progress due to his "school angels," Ms. Lindsey, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Lori and Ms. Charlene.  They all work together, helping Memphis to advance academically and physically.  Thanks to this dynamic team Memphis loves going to school, playing with friends and riding the bus.

February 2012

We've given a Memphis a little publicity break over the last year or so in order for him to adjust to his prosthetic legs. The amount of effort and hard work this requires is beyond description. Leave it to Memphis to rise to meet that challenge! Memphis is growing rapidly and continues to enjoy school. He's having fun learning how to swim, thanks Jean, and still is a fierce competitor when it comes to his video games! He's excited about attending a special horse camp for amputees this Summer. We continue to be grateful for any opportunity that makes life a little brighter for this very special young man.
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The Lafferty family would like to give a special "thank you" to Nina Shields who heads up the "Team Memphis photographers";
this is a group of professional photographers who generously donate their time and talent to help share Memphis' story.

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