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"Children are a blessing
sent from God above
For us to care and nurture
and most of all to love."

~Author Unknown~
So many of you have written to ask about Memphis and to tell us how you are praying for him. Words cannot express what this means to his family. Your prayers and your generous gifts continue to be a testiment of what is possible with the love of God and His people.
March 2009
Memphis is very healthy and happy, although he continues to confront huge challenges. He is working hard on his physical therapy under the guidance of Marc Wellman and the wonderful staff at CHOA. What miracle workers these folks are, giving great hope to families such as Memphis'. Memphis is a typical little boy who loves playing with his toys, particularly anything with wheels!!! Memphis' walking is improving and the goal is for him to start preschool next Fall, which will be a huge milestone!


April 2009
In this economy it has been a tremendous struggle to raise money for Memphis' needs. Unfortunately his needs are great and constant, regardless of the economy.

One of the greatest blessings has been the Brookfield Women's Club who has consistently been generous, giving annual donations to Memphis' Trust Fund. The family greatly appreciates the financial help, but also cherishes the emotional support given by this dynamic and caring group of women.

Memphis was delighted with the Teddy Bear presented by Women's Club President, Vicki Billingsley

May 2009
CBS Atlanta, Channel 46, continues to play a huge role in Memphis' life. Jennifer Mayerle, top notch reporter, and Ray Merriman, talented cameraman, put together another dynamic news story on Memphis. The first one aired in April and it was followed by another story this month to publicize the upcoming motorcycle benefit. It is so refreshing to see a news team who cares enough to highlight positive stories. Team Memphis is indebted to the commitment and support of the CBS Atlanta news team!

May 26, 2009, Story on CBS Atlanta news
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This little boy has incredible challenges ahead of him but these challenges are lessened by the generosity, love and support of caring people, like you. Memphis will learn to do all those things that other little boys do , he is just going to do them a little differently. Won't you please help give Memphis a better future by clicking on the donate now link or contact us if you feel there is another way you could help.

August 2009
We were all excited about Memphis starting school this year, knowing what a thrill this would be for him. Unfortunately his school start has been delayed, due to the fact that he required surgery on one of his legs. This is a bit of a setback because it will prevent him from using his prosthetic legs for a few months. Memphis has always approached his challenges with a smile on his face and incredible courage. His health is good and he loves to play, particularly with his best friend, big sister Claire! Check back soon so you can celebrate with us as Memphis starts school!

October 2009
Thanks to the generosity of Sunday School members at First Baptist Church Woodstock Memphis had a big fourth birthday party at Monkey Joe's, his favorite place! It was a great time as many friends joined Memphis in celebrating his special day. Heartfelt appreciation to the wonderful folks at FBCW for their incredible commitment to Memphis through their annual "Love Loud" project. They truly exemplify the love of God and we're so grateful that Memphis was a recipient of their incredible ministry.
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The Lafferty family would like to give a special "thank you" to Nina Shields who heads up the "Team Memphis photographers";
this is a group of professional photographers who generously donate their time and talent to help share Memphis' story.

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