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January 2007
Christopher and Leslie continue to face challenges that most of us will never know and yet you can see in their faces how much they love this precious child and want to see him have a normal life.
There is someone else who is very special to Memphis and his parents, his big sister, Claire. She is very devoted to her little brother and loves to play with him.

Claire will be six in February, loves school, adores animals, and hopes to be a veterinarian one day. This amazing young lady also enjoys art, music and dance and we hear that she is quite a good soccer player.

While the focus seems to be on Memphis a great deal of the time, we also realize what an impact Claire is on her little brother and the important role she plays in his life and the lives of the rest of the family.

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta designed a device that can be attached to Memphis' arm to enable him to learn to feed himself. He is having a difficult time adjusting to it, doesn't like it and usually hits himself in the face with it as he's not used to his arms having any length. When he pays peek-a-boo his upper arms cover his eyes, so the extra length of the attachment is going to take a lot of getting used to.

Doctors are in the process of constructing his first set of artificial legs which will be fitted once his legs are completely healed. We're sure this will be the first of many sets of legs as Memphis is a typical little boy who is full of energy and ready to "go"!


February, 2007
Wednesday the 7th was a big day for Memphis, he was fitted for his first artificial leg. He was fascinated, mesmerized by the fact that he was standing for the first time in his life. It was thrilling for everyone there to think just what this will mean for Memphis. Because of the expertise and dedication of the doctors and staff of Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, and the support of his family and folks like you, the day will come when he can run and play like all children love to do.

Additional surgery will need to be done on the other leg to prepare and fine-tune it for a prosthetic. Memphis has come so far, and we all keep reminding ourselves that "With God all things are possible," yet there will be many more years ahead of preparation, work and challenges to overcome. God bless each of you who are making it possible for a little boy to meet life head on!


March 15, 2007
Once again this was a big day for Memphis as he was fitted with his other artificial leg. It will take months of physical therapy and training but we know the dream of having him walk is now a close reality. The leg is in it's "rough" stage because there will be many adjustments made as Memphis learns how to properly use it; when he has it fully mastered then the cosmetic aspect of the leg will be finalized. This leg is more complicated because it is necessary for it to have a functioning "knee" joint. As always, the amazing people at CHOA continue to work very hard to provide Memphis with the best medical care possible.

Memphis continues to be an active and playful child, and Claire is such an incredible big sister, sharing and playing with Memphis. She got a trampoline for her birthday and loves to have him play with her as he really seems to enjoy the gentle bouncing.

May 11, 2007
Memphis received his custom made walker which will now make it possible for him to start learning how to walk. This will be a long process as he is used to crawling lightning fast so "forcing" him to walk on his legs really "cramps his style".

But in time we know that he will learn and do well. As always, the Professionals at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta have been amazing, encouraging and working with Memphis in all aspects.

Memphis is really growing and is happy and healthy and a delight to all who are blessed to know him. He is EXTREMELY active, loves to play and is particularly fond of his new Spiderman "light up" shoes! The challenges continue to be huge but with your help, they will become smaller.

Summer, 2007
This Summer was a very busy one for Memphis and his family. The first annual "Team Memphis" motorcycle ride was held in August, followed by a Polo benefit in September. Many people are coming together to help provide Memphis' with as many opportunities possible. An added blessing in Memphis' life is getting the attention of various newscasters in Atlanta. WSB-TV and Fox5 ran stories in conjunction with the Polo benefit and soon after that Wes Sarginson, with 11Alive, began what has become a series of stories on Memphis. We are truly grateful to all who help to share Memphis' story knowing that this is critical to his future.
See more about all these exciting activities on our Press Page.

November, 2007
This marks a truly thrilling time as Memphis is beginning to walk and dreams are becoming reality. Due to the incredible commitment of Marc Wellman, home PT (shown here working with Memphis), and the continual guidance of Colleen O'Berry from CHOA, Memphis is making terrific progress!

Our continued appreciation to all of you who have contributed to the Memphis Lynn Lafferty Trust Fund. It is your generosity helping to make all this possible.


December, 2007
The "Festival of Trees" has selected Memphis to be one of the special children honored in this great Atlanta tradition. Children's Healthcare of Atlanta continues to work miracles in the lives of many families and we're so grateful for the wonderful care they provide for Memphis.

Memphis and his family want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!


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The Lafferty family would like to give a special "thank you" to Nina Shields who heads up the "Team Memphis photographers";
this is a group of professional photographers who generously donate their time and talent to help share Memphis' story.

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