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May 6, 2006
The day before Motherís Day, Memphis was admitted to The Children's Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, and promptly diagnosed with a severe medical condition: Bacterial Meningitis. Memphis has been forced to fight for his life ever since that day.

Initially doctors stated that he may not survive at all. Then we were informed that he had had a stroke and would likely lose some of the extremities on both his finger and toes.

After three exhaustive weeks in the ICU unit of the Children's Medical Center the doctors ordered an MRI. Thankfully, the results illustrated that he had minimal brain damage, if any.

On June 6, 2006, Memphis was transferred to the Burn Unit at Parkland Hospital. After two days there, the family was advised that the doctorshad to amputate the following limbs: his right leg from below the knee, his left leg from just above the ankle, his left arm below the elbow, and his right arm just above the hand. Memphis had been in an induced coma since June 9, 2006.

As of June 19, 2006, he was finally permitted to awaken from the induced coma, and his little eyes say so much. This experience has been such a traumatic ruination of a young life. Now the repair must proceed for this fragile yet precious life. He will require hospital treatment for many more months, if not also years. When he is old enough to start walking he will need artificial arms and legs. His family can not even begin to fathom what an immense expense this is going to generate in the future, not to mention the present.

Memphis struggles for life

We have established a fund for Memphis Lynn’s medical, as well as educational, expenses. If you are able to make any kind of donation or contribution with regard to this altruistic cause for Memphis Lynn Lafferty, you may do so by visiting our donation page on this website. Most important of all though, please remember Memphis in your prayers because he desperately needs them.

July 6, 2006
Thanks for your prayers and support. There have been some happy days recently for Baby Memphis. Two days ago Memphis was released from ICU and today he was released from Children's Medical Center. Our great joy is tempered by the knowledge that the hard work of rehabilitation, education and artificial limbs are just beginning. Baby Memphis' road to recovery has begun thanks to God along with the prayers and support from so many friends and loved ones.


September 2006
Christopher was offered a job in Atlanta, so when Memphis was healthy enough to make the trip, the Laffertys moved on to Georgia. A difficult move was made even more troublesome due to the rigorous demands of caring for Memphis and the timing of everything being so dependent upon his condition.

Facing his new life with a smile

The challenge of helping Memphis recover from his amputations now fell to the capable hands of Childrenís Healthcare of Atlanta. This remarkable facility has lived up to their excellent reputation and Memphis continues to grow stronger each day. The family is truly indebted to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta for their expertise and loving approach.

Our sincere thank you to all who have taken the time to leave such loving and supportive messages to Memphis and his family in the Guestbook. The Lafferty's are looking forward to Christmas and the coming New Year with a fresh and bright hope that life will be indeed be better.

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The Lafferty family would like to give a special "thank you" to Nina Shields who heads up the "Team Memphis photographers";
this is a group of professional photographers who generously donate their time and talent to help share Memphis' story.

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